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Forest plants from recognised German sources

partly certified according to FFV and ZÜF

Young plants for your Christmas tree plantation and cut foliage

Bare root hedgerow plants

for your online shop, gala construction company or of course as nursery stock for your nursery production

The advantages of our nursery area

Here in Schleswig Holstein we have good humus sandy soils at our disposal and an even climate, which ensures ideal plant growth and at the same time helps the durability of the plants to ensure safe transplantability. The location in the middle of one of the largest tree nursery areas in the world allows us to satisfy even special customer requirements quickly, inexpensively and with the highest quality.

  • guaranteed freshness

  • high standard of our goods

  • certified

  • DE-origin

  • effectivness in shipping processing

  • many years of experience in the production of our product range

  • careful treatment through gentle digging technique and fast care of bare-root plants

  • we base the sorting of our plants on higher quality standards

Proprietor Henning Vogt

We – a strong partner at your side

The continuous developement of our company means that we have access to the most modern buildings and machines, which facilitate our work and guarantee the freshness of our plants.

We pay great attention to good quality and selected origins when purchasing the seeds. For our sand covered seed beds we rely on pre-treatment by soil decontamination. Through many years of experience and the passing the knowledge over generations, we guarantee the consistent quality of our plants.

Thanks to modern grubbing technology and short logistic routes the bare-root plants are hardly exposed to negative weather influences.

Protected from sun and wind the plants are sorted exclusively in our hall. Afterwards the spacious cold storage barn ensures perfect storage of our plants.

This ensures gentle handling of the plants during sorting, storage and loading.

    Family history


    In addition to agriculture, J.H. Vogt has cultivated the first forest plants and supplied well-known large companies such as Heins & Söhne, E.F. Pein and A.H. Pein.


    Hermann Friedrich Vogt was the first one to start shipping forest plants after World War II.


    The agricultural branch of the business was given up and the company was completely converted to growing forest plants.


    Klaus Vogt has taken over the business with 7ha of forest plant production area from H.F. Vogt.


    Henning Vogt takes over the company from Klaus Vogt with a forest production area of 20 ha.

    Since 1893 and in the 5th generation, we have been producing in Rellingen in the middle of one of the largest tree nursery area in Europe. The company and the assortment have grown over decades. In the beginning there were only a few types of forest plants, but today we offer you forest plants, young plants, nursery supplies, young Christmas trees and bare-root hedge plants.

    As a conservatively positioned family business, we attached great importance to quality and long-term customer relationships. Your wishes are our priority.

    (We pay close attention to good quality and selected origins when purchasing the seeds. For our sand covered seed beds we rely on pre-treatment by soil decontermination. Through many years of experience and the passing on of know-how over generations, we garanteed the consistent quality of our plants. The roots can develop optimally on the humus sandy soils.) –> dieser Satz steht oben schon!! 

    We use 12 wells for our water supply for frost irrigation, with which we can protect approx. 12 ha from frost simultaneously.

    A large and modern fleet of vehicles and machines ensures a fast grubbing process so that the plants can be quickly brought into our sorting halls.

    The spacious cold storage barn ensures gentle storage of our plants.

    We are organised in the following quality assurance associations:

    • Verband deutscher Forstbaumschulen e.V. (VDF)
    • Forum forstliches Vermehrungsgut e.V. (FfV)
    • Gütegemeinschaft für forstliches Vermehrungsgut (DKV)
    • Teilnehmer am Zertifizierungsring für überprüfbare forstliche Herkunft Süddeutschland e.V. (ZüF)

    Forest plants

    Deciduous shrubs

    Acer platanoides
    Acer pseudoplatanus
    Alnus glutinosa
    Alnus incana
    Betula maximowiciana
    Betula pendula
    Betula pubescens
    Carpinus betulus
    Castanea sativa
    Fagus sylvatica
    Populus Hybriden für multifunktionale Forstwirtschaft
    Prunus avium
    Quercus petraea
    Quercus robur
    Quercus rubra
    Tilia cordata


    Abies alba
    Abies grandis
    Larix decidua
    Larix kaempferi
    Larix eurolepis
    Picea abies
    Picea sitchensis
    Pinus nigra austriaca
    Pinus sylvestris
    Pseudotsuga menziesii viridis

    Many of our customers already have plants produced by us under contract.

    We are also happy to be your reliable partner for contract breeding.

    Young Christmas Tree


    We produce young Christmas tree plants and cut greenery from different origins. These are predominantly 3-year to 4-year and available in various sizes.

    Please feel free to contact us. For more information call or use the contact form. We look forward to talk to you.

    Abies balsamea
    Abies bornmuelleriana
    Abies concolor
    Abies fraseri
    Abies koreana
    Abies lasiocarpa arizonica
    Abies nordmanniana in Herkünften Ambrolauri (diverse Abteilungen),Apsheronsk,Tschemschugi I,Borshomi
    Abies procera
    Picea abies
    Picea omorika
    Picea pungens glauca
    Pinus nigra austriaca
    Pinus strobus
    Taxus baccata
    Thuja occidentalis

    We are also happy to take seeds of your preferred origin, if you would like to have them produced by us as contract growers.

    The characteristics of our Christmas tree young plants are decisive for your cultural foundation:

    -large root neck diameter
    -balanced root-shoot ratio
    -maximum freshness
    -strong mature buds

    Bare root hedgerow plants

    Deciduous shrubs

    Carpinus betulus
    Fagus sylvatica
    Fagus sylvatica purpurea
    Prunus laurocerasus Novita
    Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia
    Prunus laurocerasus Caucasica
    Prunus lusitanica


    Picea omorika
    Taxus baccata
    Thuja occidentalis
    Thuja occidentalis Brabant
    Thuja occidentalis Smaragd

    Contact us

    Please feel free to contact us. For more information call us or use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


    How to locate us

    Hermann Vogt Forstbaumschulen

    Proprietor Henning Vogt
    Hempbergstraße 112
    25462 Rellingen


    Tel.: 00494101/35598
    Fax: 00494101/33054
    E-Mail: info@hermannvogt.de